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Ruby & Huck Puppies
4.5 weeks old

Photos by Oh My Kosh Photography

Dam & Sire

Meet  Ruby and Huck.


Ruby is the beautiful mama of this litter. She is very intelligent and people oriented, but she also loves an adventure. Ruby has a gorgeous glossy red coat and she carries the lighter shedding gene. She weighs 40 pounds and has a slender athletic build.

Huck has a handsome head and wide build, but he is slightly smaller than a standard golden. He loves water and all things adventure. Huck lives and loves to please. Huck has a gorgeous thick dark red coat. He carries the genes for moderated shedding.

Huck - red golden retriever 1.webp

The pups

This litter was born on Jan. 19th. They will be ready to go home just in time for spring break in March, on or after March 22nd. 

These pups will all be dark red. They will range from 40 to 55 pounds. They will have longer, lighter to medium shedding coats. They will be intelligent and happy and will make wonderful family pets, service dogs, or companion dogs. 

Families who have put down a deposit. Please mark your calendar for the last weekend in February. The pups will be 5 weeks old and it will be time to come pick your puppy.

Pictures will be updated weekly, hopefully at the first of each week. We will send out a text to each of you when the pics are uploaded.

Professional shots will be taken of the pups at around 5 weeks old.


Ruby as a pup


Ruby & Huck Puppies
Our First Week

Photos by Jaycee Kelsey

Ruby & Huck Puppies
2 weeks old

Photos by Jaycee Kelsey

Ruby & Huck Puppies
3 weeks old

Photos by Jaycee Kelsey