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Our Current Litters

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Atkinson’s Goldens Red golden retriever puppy for sale four week old wide head well social



our sweet 


Born:  Dec 18th, 2018 - 5 years old

This is our beautiful, fun loving Lily. Lily has whelped 4 litters for us and is ready for retirement. 

Our beautiful Lily is healthy and strong (health tested). She has a sweet, loving personality. She weighs 55 pounds. She loves running, playing games, and just being with her people.

Lily does not always do well with other female dogs when hormones are high around heat cycles, but she would love a male companion. She is tender and sweet with all the puppies and is wonderful with children. Lily gets nervous in the car and doesn't travel well but she does have great house manners and loves just being near people. 

Please call, text, or email Alisa for an application. or 208-577-1567

If you are looking for a spring or summer puppy please reach out to us.
We have several more litters planned this year.

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