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What is a guardian home?

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A guardian home is...

A loving family that wants a dog.

A forever home for a breeding dog.

A joint venture between Atkinsons' Goldens

and your family.

How it works:

For Male Dogs:

We occasionally have a male dog that we would love to have and use for breeding but can't keep for our own. (We have found that if we have too many dogs of our own we are not able to adequately give them all the love and attention they need.) When a guardian family takes a dog we retain the breeding rights, but allow the pup to come and live full time with the guardian family.


If a pup is listed as a guardian dog we will accept applications. (It is not first come first serve, we are looking for the best fit for the pup.)

We are also looking for a family that really wants a dog, and that has a safe place for the pup, adequate time, and love to give.

We need the dog to live within a 30 minute drive from us. We need the guardian family to be settled permanently in the area and not planning to move. We need the dog to have a fenced yard and safe environment.  The dog must remain intact and be available to breed with when needed.

(Typically several times a year.)

All normal costs associated with keeping a dog are the responsibility of the family (i.e. food, normal vet bills, supplies, etc.) All breeding expenses will be covered by Atkinson's Goldens (registration fees, health testing fees, breeding related vet bills, etc.).

As a thank you we will send you a $300 gift for each successful litter the male dog sires.

Why choose to be a guardian family?

It is a great way to get a wonderful, well bred pup from a reputable breeder. It is a way to help offset the cost of having a dog. It helps breeding dogs live happier, healthier lives.

Please call, text, or email Alisa with questions and for an application. or 208-577-1567

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Atkinson's Goldens: breeding healthy, happy golden retrievers in Buhl, Idaho.
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