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Raising Healthy,
Family Dogs

Our family run breeding program is focused on helping you find and raise the newest member of your family - a happy, healthy golden retriever.


Located in Buhl, Idaho.

Contact: Alisa Atkinson @ 208-577-1567

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We are the Atkinson Family – Zach and Alisa and 6 wonderful kids. We live in Buhl, Idaho and we LOVE breeding.


We first started breeding goldens in 2014. We found a wonderful mama dog and had her bred to a handsome, healthy sire. Our first litter of puppies was born, and we realized we had fallen into something that we loved. Alisa and the girls knew that our lives would never be complete again without puppies in it. Poor Zach, who loves to build things, realized that if he wanted his garage back and to keep puppies out of his bathtub on cold nights he had better get started on a really nice dog house. Ha ha. Everyone was happy.

We knew right away that we would never become a traditional kennel. Breeding can be an interesting field to navigate. There are many different breeding philosophies and many types of breeders but deciding what our program would look like was as simple as laying out our core values.

Stewardship – do what is right for the dog - always

Better the Breed – breed up - focusing on health, personality, and traits (in that order)

Service – treat our clients and other breeders like the lifelong friends we hope they will become

Integrity – do the right thing even when no one is looking

Trusting to our core values has helped our little hobby turn into a real business. Eight years later our program has grown. We now have four of our own beautiful dogs and several more in wonderful guardian homes.  Breeding still brings us joy. We anxiously await every litter and love our time with your pup. We are excited to meet you and be a part of your journey.

Looking for a red golden retriever in Idaho? Atkinson's Goldens raising happy health golden retrievers in Buhl, Idaho.


Golden Retrievers are just the best and we believe in raising them with all the best possible care. We carefully select our Dam and Sire for good health and wonderful personalities. We believe that nutrition is key to healthy happy dogs, so we offer good, high quality foods to mother and pups and carefully supplement with meat scraps. We live outside of Buhl, Idaho with lots of room for puppies to roam and play. We don't kennel our pups (except at night for safety reasons). The puppies are a part of our lives from day one, and they will be well socialized to inside and outside environments, children, cars rides, and other pets. We believe in doing preliminary potty training as well as simple obedience training - even in the first 8 weeks. We allow the mother and pups to be together from day 1 to day 56, as they learn best from each other. We feel confident that these puppies will be happy, healthy, and well socialized.

We would love to hear from you!

Our Philosophy
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Looking for a red golden retriever in Idaho? Atkinson's Goldens raising happy health golden retrievers in Buhl, Idaho.

Ronan's Family

We LOVE our puppy, Ronan! (Lily and Fisher's) He is the perfect dog for our family. He is mellow indoors with us and adventurous outside. He came to us so sweet and content and well cared-for. His crate training and potty training have gone well too! It was a bit miraculous that we found each other, in a different state and pretty quickly, but Alisa was so responsive and informative. We are so grateful for the addition to our family!

Atkinsons goldens - happy healthy red golden retriever puppys for sale in Buhl, Idaho

Winnie's Family

I've had a great experience from the very beginning. Alisa is very communicative and answered all of my questions. She was kind, friendly, knowledgeable and easy to work with. It's clear that she's an experienced breeder. I also love knowing my golden girl has a health guarantee. Getting to meet my puppies mother and litter mate was a wonderful experience for us. Not only are her dogs healthy, but they are happy and well loved too. I have nothing but great things to say!

Atkinsons goldens - happy healthy red golden retriever puppys for sale in Buhl, Idaho

Wrenly's Family

I met the Atkinsons this past December after I had been talking to Alisa about how I was interested in getting a puppy. Since then they have all become family. With every step and question Alisa was there with an answer and let me see my pup multiple times before I even brought her home. They have given me the best experience and truly care and love their dogs like family! Wrenly is 12 weeks old now and I’ve never met such a smart and gorgeous dog. A lot of that is because of the breed of course, but also from the socialization and love and attention the Atkinsons give their dogs from the very beginning. Highly, highly, highly, recommend Atkinsons goldens to anyone interested in a puppy.

Atkinsons goldens - happy healthy red golden retriever puppys for sale in Buhl, Idaho

Kaz's family

We have had the best experience with Atkinson’s Goldens. We live a couple hours away and they were so good about sending us pictures, updating us with how our little guy was doing every few days and even a FaceTime date on Christmas Day to surprise our girls. Truly an incredible breeder.

Atkinson's Goldens: breeding healthy, happy golden retrievers in Buhl, Idaho.
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